Darbar 2020 WebRip UNCUT South Movie Hindi Tamil 480p 720p 1080p 2160p

Darbar 2020

Darbar 2020 WebRip UNCUT South Movie Hindi Tamil 480p 720p 1080p 2160p

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Genre: Action, All Bolywood Movies, Bollywood Movies 2020, Drama, South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies

Director: A.R. Murugadoss

Actors: Kunal Khemu, Murali Sharma, Nayanthara, Nivetha Thomas, Rajinikanth, Sunil Shetty, Yogi Babu

Country: India

Duration: 150 min

Quality: WEBRIP

Release: 2020

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Mumbai Police Commissioner Aditya Arunachalam is seen killing numerous gangsters across Mumbai in police encounters. His reckless behavior has become the subject of widespread condemnation, which prompts the National Human Rights Commission of India to act against him. One of the panelists on the commission, and a former friend of Aditya, discovers that his ruthlessness is due to the murder of his daughter Valli. A year ago, Aditya is assigned to Mumbai as the new Commissioner to curb the rampant drug-trafficking and prostitution in the city. Upon arriving in Mumbai, he rescues three kidnapped women, one of whom is the daughter of the Deputy CM of Maharashtra. Sensing an opportunity, Aditya uses the kidnapped women as an excuse to initiate a campaign against the city’s drug-trafficking and prostitution rings; his efforts are extremely successful, with numerous drug-dealers, and child-traffickers arrested. Among the arrested is Ajay Malhotra, who is the son of Vinod Malhotra, an influential industrialist. Vinod initially attempts to bail Ajay out, only to be thwarted by Aditya. While seeking Ajay’s testimony on his involvement in drug-smuggling, Aditya visits him in prison, only to discover a proxy in his place. He requests both the state and central governments to investigate, only to further discover that the officials assigned to Ajay’s case, are working under Vinod’s payroll. Through a covert investigation, Aditya learns that Ajay is hiding in Bangkok, and has the Royal Thai Police arrest him on charges of passport fraud. However, corrupt diplomats under Vinod’s payroll, falsely declare that “Ajay” is still incarcerated in India, which leads to his release from Thai custody. Undeterred, Aditya returns to India, and has the proxy killed under the guise of self-defense, while simultaneously announcing that “Ajay’s” corpse, while be displayed to the media. Cornered and with no other options, Vinod’s accomplices turn against him; in order to save themselves, they have Ajay secretly brought back to India and killed.

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